1.Informations about Taxes:

  • 1.1.The maximum commision that we can take is 10% but there are a lot of variables that deacrease that amount:
    If you add our site which is to your nickname, your taxes are deacresed to 5%.
    We also have a "tree":

    If your winning percentage is 95% or above: 0% commision.
    If your winning percentage is 93% or above: 2% commision.
    If your winning percentage is 90% or above: 3% commision.
    If your winning percentage is 88% or above: 4% commision.
    If your winning percentage is 86.5% or above: 5% commision.
    If your winning percentage is 85% or above: 6% commision.

    1.2. Within 1-10 minutes since the round has ended, the bot will send an offer to the trade URL in the winner's settings. If this URL was not the right one when the offer was made and the offer was accepted, we will not refund any item. Users have a grace period of 60 minutes to collect their payouts from the raffle. Items leftover after this time are discarded and considered a donation.

  • 2.Rules and Features:

    • 2.1.You can deposit maximum 20 skins.

    • 2.2.You can deposit as many times as you want per round.

    • 2.3.The value of the deposited skin(s) are exchanged into tickets. (0.01 = 1 Ticket)

    • 2.4.CSGOLDPot takes up to a 10% software service fee.

    • 2.5.Your Steam picture, username and profile link will be shown to other players after you deposited, and other players may know that you have won.

    • 2.6.You agree to the prices we value your skins at.

    • 2.6.Once your bet is placed it cannot be refunded. Make sure when betting on you know the risk factor of losing and are willing to lose the items you bet. Do not bet what you are not willing to lose.

3.Terms of Use

  • 3.1.Usage of our site, and its services constitute your acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to any of these stipulations please leave the site immediately.

  • 3.2. When depositing your skins for a specific round, there is a chance your items will go into the next round.

  • 3.3.By betting on you agree you are at least 18 years of age or older.

  • may revise these Terms of Service at any time without notice/notification. By using our site , you are agreeing to be bound by the current version of these Terms of Service.

  • allows only CS:GO skins to be deposited.